Borgen series 3 in the UK this October?

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Speculation is growing among UK Nordic Noir fans that the final series of Borgen will be shown in the UK just before Christmas. Although BBC FOUR has been as tight-lipped as the cliche would have it, some clues are emerging. At the time of writing, the DVD of series 3 can be pre-ordered on the Sainsbury’s website, and the supermarket says that the DVD will be released on 23 December. (The DVD seemed to be available yesterday on the Amazon website but has disappeared now.) The only reason to release the box set so close to Christmas would be if the final episode were to be shown on BBC FOUR on 21 or 22 December.

Assuming (and it’s a big assumption) that Borgen will take the Saturday night subtitle slot, the Beeb currently has two options. That slot is currently filled by The Young Montalbano, which finishes its run on 12 October. That then leaves 10 Saturdays until Christmas. So Borgen could be shown, one episode a week during that time, perhaps alongside the second series of The Bridge which has also yet to receive a confirmed air date. Or BBC FOUR could continue its tradition of showing double bills, in which case Borgen would start on 23 November.

Either way, the UK will be one of the last major markets to see the show. US bloggers have been crowing about how they’ll be the first to see the English subtitles when the series starts airing Stateside in early October, and French and German viewers are already lapping it up.

But with series 3 the final time we’ll see Birgitte and friends, expect a huge amount of coverage when the date is finally revealed.

UPDATE 1: I reckon it’s 16 November. Here’s why.

UPDATE 2: My review of series 1 of Borgen, ‘How to win power and lose everything’ is out today on Amazon – at just GBP 2.46, EUR 2.88 or USD 3.94 it’s cheaper than a skinny gingerbread latte and twice as warming! Here’s a link to the UK store.

UPDATE 3: 16 November is confirmed

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