Yes, Birgitte is back! Series 4 – aka Borgen: Power and Glory – is now out on Netflix, and series 1-3 are still available on Netflix, BBC iPlayer and DVD. Here’s enough to sate any fan of Birgitte, Katrine, Kasper and Torben and some of the finest moments of Scandinavian drama. Here are links to my regular update on season 4, my recaps of the episodes from series 1 and 2, a news blog about series 3 with links to all the articles as they happened, and other articles.

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Series 4 news, regularly updated

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Episode recaps and reviews

Long, detailed recaps ahoy. For each episode, a short synopsis is followed by some general comment or recap, sections on how the episode affects the main characters, and anything else that caught my eye. (Different episodes may have different sections.) We also look at the links between Borgen and the show it has most been compared with, The West Wing.

The opening synopses won’t tell you what happens at the end of each episode, but the main comments section assumes that you know, or don’t mind knowing, how the episode ends.

Borgen is blessed with lots of fine acting, but we don’t look at the actors, nor at links between Borgen and the other Scandinavian shows that have wowed audiences recently – you can find that material online already.

I’m certain you won’t agree with some of the comments so please add your own views and insights. Being a fan means engaging with the material, playing with it, enjoying it, bringing different things to it and taking different things away. I hope you’ll find enough in here that helps you to deepen your own relationship with the programme. On the other hand, I have not yet come across anyone who finds the character of Pernille Madsen appealing, so if you’re a Madsen fan you’re probably on your own.

Tusind tak!

The recaps from series 1 are still available in Kindle form in the ebook How to win power and lose everything in case that format is more accessible to you. If you have Kindleunlimited it’s free (if you download it on Kindleunlimited and read it or at least get to the end then I get some money which is nice).

Recaps currently available

S1 E1 Decency in the Middle

S1 E2 Count to 90

S1 E3 The Art of the Possible

S1 E4 One hundred days

S1 E5 Men who love Women

S1 E6 State Visit

S1 E7 See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

S1 E8 The Silly Season

S1 E9 Divide and Rule

S1 E10 The first Tuesday in October

S2 E1 89,000 Children

S2 E2 In Brussels, no one can hear you scream

S2 E3 The Last Worker

S2 E4 Battle Ready

S2 E5 Plant a Tree

S2 E6 Them and Us

S2 E7 What is lost inwardly must be won outwardly – Part 1

S2 E8 What is lost inwardly must be won outwardly – Part 2

S2 E9 The Sanctity of Private Life

S2 E10 An Extraordinary Remark

Series 3 blog – as it happened

Lots of links and reviews

Other articles

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