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Here are all the book reviews on Cafe thinking, in order of author surname and then by date of review. If you click on a link it will open in a new window.



Margaret Atwood – The Handmaid’s Tale

Cheryl Denise Bannerman – Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping

Quentin Bates – Thin Ice

Roxanne Bouchard – We Were the Salt of the Sea

Philip Brady – The Meal of Fortune

Steph Broadribb – Deep Blue Trouble

Andrea Camilleri – The Age of Doubt (Inspector Montalbano)

Ann Cleeves – Raven Black

Kjell Ola Dahl – Faithless

Kjell Ola Dahl – The Ice Swimmer

Paula Daly – Open Your Eyes

Thomas Enger – Cursed

Thomas Enger – Killed

Johanna Gustawsson – Keeper

Simon Hall – The TV Detective

Charles Harris – The Breaking of Liam Glass

Lucy V Hay – The Other Twin

Anthony Horowitz – The Word is Murder

Arnaldur Indridason – Jar City (not really a review)

Lisa Jewell – Then She Was Gone

Lisa Jewell – Watching You

Ragnar Jónasson – Snowblind

Ragnar Jónasson – Nightblind

Ragnar Jónasson – Blackout

Ragnar Jónasson – Rupture

Ragnar Jónasson – Whiteout

Joseph Kanon – Leaving Berlin

Torquil MacLeod – Meet me in Malmö

Torquil MacLeod – Murder in Malmö

Torquil MacLeod – Missing in Malmö

Torquil MacLeod – Midnight in Malmö

Luke McCallin – The Ashes of Berlin

W H S McIntyre – Good News Bad News

Michael J Malone – A Suitable Lie

Sarra Manning – The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharp

Jon Michelet – The Frozen Woman

Jo Nesbo – Headhunters

Rex Pickett – Sideways

Agnes Ravatn – The Bird Tribunal

Ally Rose – The River Runs Red

Peter Schneider – The Wall Jumper

Gunnar Staalesen – We shall inherit the wind

Gunnar Staalesen – Wolves in the Dark

Gunnar Staalesen – Big Sister

Sarah Stovell – Exquisite

Vanda Simon – Overkill

Yusuf Toropov – Jihadi

Antti Tuomainen – The Mine

Antti Tuomainen – The Man Who Died

Antti Tuomainen – Palm Beach Finland

Sarah Ward – In Bitter Chill 

Sarah Ward – A Deadly Thaw

David Young – Stasi Wolf

David Young – A Darker State


Andrew Adonis – Five Days in May

Thurston Clarke – The Last Campaign: Robert F Kennedy and 82 days that inspired America

David N Clough – Dr Beeching’s Remedy: A Cure for a Century of the Railway’s Ills

Matthew d’Ancona – Post Truth: the new war on truth and how to fight back

Jason Farrell and Paul Goldsmith – How to Lose a Referendum

Philip Gould – The Unfinished Revolution

Camilla Hammerich – The Borgen Experience

Claire Handscombe (ed) – Walk with Us

Charles Helfenstein – The Making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Dan Hodges – One Minute to Ten

Naomi Klein – No is Not Enough

Andrew Martin – Night Trains

Max Mckeown – The Strategy Book

Roger Moore – Bond on Bond

Tim Ross – Why the Tories Won

Tim Shipman – All Out War

Tim Shipman – Fall Out

Michael Wolff – Fire and Fury

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