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Hello. I’m Richard Fernandez and welcome to Cafe Thinking.

This is a blog about things that interest me and I hope some of the topics will interest you too. You’ll find a mix of commentary on current affairs, reviews of books and films (often but not exclusively with a Nordic Noir or literary fiction origin) and thoughts on topics from the London Underground to Crystal Palace FC.

This blog is also the home of Secret Library, a weekly feature in which authors nominate books that don’t get as much attention as they deserve.

I wrote How to win power and lose everythingan episode-by-episode guide – available for Kindle – to the Danish TV drama, Borgen.

I once beat CJ on Eggheads.

Views here are mine, and not that of anyone else or any organisation.

Review policy: I am delighted to review fiction (literary fiction and European Noir) and books on politics, economics, business and railways. Where a review copy has been received in return for a fair review, this is stated on the review itself. It can take several weeks between receiving a review copy and a review being posted, but I sometimes take part in blog tours or may be able to agree a publishing date, depending on other commitments. If you have a query, get in touch.

Affiliate statement: Some posts provide links to Amazon UK where you can buy the product reviewed. If you buy having followed that link, I get a small commission. So it’s a way of supporting the blog 😉

What do you think?

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