Borgen series 3 in the UK: 16 November on BBC FOUR?

OK, I reckon the first airdate is 16 November. Here’s why:

We know it’s before Christmas as it’s on the BBC FOUR autumn trailer (plus the DVD keeps coming and going from the Amazon website).

Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (Katrine) guest edited the Telegraph recently and the paper said ‘November’.

The BBC FOUR website is now showing that the 9pm Saturday slot is going to be filled from 19 October by the third series of Inspector Montalbano. That’s just four episodes, so will come to an end on 9 November.

The Amazon site was showing that the third series DVD release date had been moved to 16 December.

So my guess is that series 3 will be shown as double bills on 16, 23 and 30 November, and 7 and 14 December. Can’t wait!

And in other Borgen news, my review of series 1, How to win power and lose everything, was released today. It’s currently available exclusively on Amazon and is just GBP 2.46 in the UK. Check it out!

UPDATE: 16 November is confirmed


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