Borgen series 3 comes to the UK: on BBC FOUR on 16 November

We’ve been waiting for an update in the BBC’s media centre to confirm it but Radio Times is now showing that – as this blog predictedBorgen will return with a double bill on 16 November at 9.00pm on BBC FOUR. Finally – both at last and for the last time – Birgitte is back.

The series trailer currently doing the rounds makes it clear that this series is very different from the two previous series. We also know that we’ll be seeing less of Kasper because of the availability of Pilou Asbaek. But the word from those who have seen the series is that Borgen remains essential watching.

So cancel all appointments or set your recorder for episode 1 – In Denmark I was born – and episode 2 – With law shall nation be built which follows on at 10.00pm.

And in the meantime, if you haven’t done it already, catch up again with series 1 with How to win power and lose everything.


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