Dyslexic-friendly fiction for adults – Books on the Hill

Today we’re doing something a bit different and supporting a Kickstarter project that aims to bring quality fiction to adults with dyslexia. Up to six million people in the UK have some form of dyslexia, but although publishers have now started to meet the needs of children, adults with dyslexia just don’t get catered for by traditional mass-market publishing. Their choices are limited, but many adults with dyslexia feel that having dyslexic-friendly books available would have a really positive impact on their reading for pleasure.

This initiative has been developed by the Clevedon bookshop, Books on the Hill (BOTH). BOTH found that they were getting queries about dyslexia-friendly fiction for adults, and have developed a list of six titles that this Kickstarter aims to support, across mystery, sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres. In return for a contribution, subscribers receive rewards such as e-books or one or more paperback copies of the titles. There are some rather special and creative rewards, too.

If you have dyslexia, or know someone who has, do check out the scheme; and even if you don’t I’d recommend that you watch a very informative seven-minute film about the project. There’s some useful and interesting insight into what makes a book dyslexia-friendly in terms of typography and design, as well as a chance to hear from some of the people who are behind it all.

Everyone should have the opportunity to read for pleasure. Please check out this important grassroots project. But hurry, as the Kickstarter has just 13 days to go.


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