Happy birthday to Cafe thinking

IMG_0825We interrupt normal service for a one-off trip down memory lane. WordPress today informed me that Cafe thinking is seven years old. The site started as an place in which to Think Big Thoughts, and then Borgen happened, since which I’ve provided a mix of politics and Nordic Noir and, more recently other reviews.

I’ve spent the last half hour in the vaults and have pulled out some of the highlights of the last seven years. I’d also like to thank all of you who have supported the blog during that time, by sharing posts, commenting or being otherwise encouraging. The blogging community is generally a good place to be.

Here are the most popular posts since 2010:


OK, I’m going to start with some self-indulgence but then that’s what blogs are for. This post announced the launch of my own Borgen book.

And this is the most-viewed book review – of Camilla Hammerich’s account of making the programme.

Here’s a report from Nordicana in 2013

and in 2014

and in 2015. Some of you might have seen an edited version of this in Nordic Noir and Beyond magazine.

Other TV

My most-viewed post of all time was written when Beck killed off sidekick Gunvald.

I’ve covered The Team

Follow the Money

…and, of course, Trainspotting Live

And mused a bit on Martin’s exit from The Bridge.


Oddly, the top-viewed political post is about Margaret Thatcher vs. British Airways…and the second is about our 1980s prime minister and The Breakfast Club

A post about The Archers villain Rob Titchener, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage upset some ’kippers on Facebook

And here’s a post that did really badly so please click on it please please please (it’s about George Osborne)

Jo Cox’s death brought the nation together, all too briefly

And finally some thoughts about the differences between types of charity.

Book reviews – the top 5 (by views)

Snow blind

Nice Work

In Bitter Chill

Thin Ice

All Out War


I get views on this post about the Crystal Palace FC badge whenever Palace play

If you don’t know how London’s underground lines got their names, this one’s for you…

…but I don’t like the thinking behind the ‘Elizabeth line’ name for Crossrail (this post was written while Boris Johnson was the Mayor of London)

Sherlock vs. Doctor Who

And a ludicrous rant about Domino Pizza.

Hope you enjoyed some of these! See you later in the week.


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