Johana Gustawsson – looking forward, looking back

Today I want to come off the treadmill for a moment. I am meant to be reviewing Jo Gustawsson’s new thriller, Blood Song, but what with everything that’s going on I’m afraid I haven’t read it yet. I could possibly have cantered through it today, but I find that reviews done under those circumstances can be a bit hit and miss. Besides, what we need right now is a bit of perspective, and crossing a title off the TBR* pile just won’t do.

Johana PhotoMost of what I’ve read this year has been new to me. I’ve devoted very little time to re-reading anything and that’s a shame because re-reading can be as active as diving into something new. You can challenge your previous views and check whether something in which you previously took delight still charms. And you can find things in the text that you previously missed.

So today I am going to re-share my review of Jo’s last book, Keeper. I haven’t picked up the novel since posting the review and I had forgotten quite what a fine novel it is. Obviously at the moment all the hype is about Blood Song, but don’t forget what came before it.

The other thing I want to re-share is Jo’s appearance on Secret Library. Jo’s choices are timeless classics – and also remind us that that book that has sat neglected on the shelf for years might be worth a look.

At some point in the future, this blog will feature Blood Song. And it will be when I’ve had the time to do it justice. I’m looking forward to it.

*to be read

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