Top 10 of the decade

Everyone seems to be doing these so with all the sincerity of a Boris Johnson press event, here goes. (Actually, in fairness, it’s been interesting to see what topics have changed and what topics have changed only in my relation to them.) One post from each year, spread across all the favourite topics. Game on.


In those days the blog was all about MBA modules and musings on branding and football. These last two came together beautifully when Crystal Palace fans came together to pay the costs of St John Ambulance volunteers when the club couldn’t. In those days, people were still reluctant to talk about branding in the context of both football and the charity sector. We’ve moved on since then. Though, for the record (should you read the post), Ipswich did indeed beat Palace, with future Palace star Andros Townsend sent off for the tractor boys.

Crystal Palace FC and St John Ambulance: the reluctant brands


More on marketing. Here’s a bizarre rant about Domino’s Pizza. I convinced myself I was standing up for franchisees against the Man, but really I just wanted some wedges and dip.

Domi No Pizza – or how to burn a brand


The Savile scandal rocked us in a way like no other before or since, but new instances of abuse across our society are uncovered every day. We all have to remain vigilant. But I’m sharing this post from 2012 as a tribute to my former SJA colleague Linda Dominguez, who has led the fight for safer children and vulnerable adults across the decades, and who was last week awarded the MBE.

Hillsborough, Savile and the handcart to hell


The first book review on this site wasn’t really a book review, but a squeal of delight at a clever and meta twist in David Lodge’s Nice Work.

Nice joke, if you can get it: why David Lodge’s self-indulgence works on so many levels


Why don’t you get a T-shirt made?

Twitter was aflame with complaint during the New Year’s Day Sherlock special. Specifically, London Underground geeks were upset with continuity problems. As a tube geek myself, I presented the case for the defence – or at least for looking at it through the eyes of a Doctor Who fan.

Sherlock: why this geek can forgive the Underground continuity problems


Brighton West PierAs Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party comes to a close, here’s my report from the 2015 party conference in Brighton. Some things have changed since then, and others haven’t. I wonder whether Chuka Umunna really does have a Vespa?

Postcard from Brighton: Mods vs rockers at the Labour Party Conference


rob-titchenerGaslighting became a winning political strategy, but for Radio 4 types the main gaslighter was Rob Titchener on The Archers. His abuse of wife Helen and her subsequent vindication was electric radio. I linked Rob, Donald and Nigel in a post that divided opinion on the Archers message boards. At least political gaslighting seems to have gone away since then. Hasn’t it?

What would Rob do? Why The Archers holds the key to understanding what Donald Trump – and Nigel Farage – will do next

Since 2016 was so divisive, here’s a bonus post about something that was anything but: the lovely Trainspotting Live with Peter Snow and Hannah Fry

TV review: Trainspotting Live


I wrote a lot of posts in 2017 but this one seems current, written as it was when Labour’s red wall first got breached (at the Copeland by-election). Actually, I have it on my to-do list to revisit The Unfinished Revolution since I recently got hold of the updated edition. For now, this:

The Unfinished Revolution by Philip Gould – book review

Here’s another bonus: a review of The Man Who Died, by Antti Tuomainen, which is a book you should cancel everything to stop and read.


Something silly, you say? Here’s a post about visiting the brilliant Postal Museum in London – and trying to act out a deleted scene from a Bond movie.

007 and Mail Rail: the lost James Bond scene on the Post Office Railway


And finally, I’ve chosen a review of Trial by Battle. Anyone who writes reviews knows that sometimes you’re happy with them and sometimes not sure. I was very happy with this one.

Trial by Battle, by David Piper – book review

See you on the other side!


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